ONE BCG - ONE Business Consulting Group is so much more than the impeccable and on-time results we deliver to our clients.

We grow everyday

We are a team of problem-solvers who are not afraid to be pushed. We value the pursuit of knowledge and the courage to face new challenges.

“ONE BCG leadership is always there to support the team when we tackle tough challenges. There is no culture of blame or shaming here. Everyone knows that errors are inevitable, but so is our success after we learn from our mistakes. In the end, our effort is always appreciated and we deliver a solution we are proud of.” 

-Abhinav (left), Quality Analyst

We collaborate

Our team is obsessed with new and innovative solutions. We know the best way to achieve those is by taking advantage of everyone's unique strengths.

We are authentic

Truthfulness is important in our office. Leadership encourages radical honesty and actively gives every employee a seat at the decision-making table.

"The freedom to think and the encouraging attitude of leadership constantly motivates me to learn new things and grow as a professional. Recently, I recommended an improvement to one of our projects to our CEO. Within a few days, the change was implemented. A culture of respect despite a team member's title,  promoting continuous learning, and an unflinching straightforwardness is what makes ONE BCG a unique organization."

-Reena, Sr. Process Lead - Credit Management

We are dynamic

Whether it be better technologies, bigger opportunities, more learning or our best office yet, our team knows no limits to their success.

We add value

Development is at the core of what we do, how we do it and who we are. Whether we are developing solutions or our skill sets, adding value is at the core of our culture.

“ONE BCG gives me a platform to make things better. Our team is exclusive to people who are ready to work, develop new skills, and are inclined towards development in the company. I get to work with leading technologies and leverage their automation power to bring change in how things are done. The ONE BCG culture compels you to grow.” 

-Akhil, DevOps Engineer

Ready to get to work?